Whether small or large, your county or city Health Departments are focused on doing regulatory inspections at your business and let you know what you are doing wrong according to the regulations they enforce. The level of enforcement and the style of enforcement varies from agency to agency. 

Many chain businesses will have a professional (or a team) who will advise the operators and leadership on safe food practices. If you are a small business and cant afford a food safety professional, what can you do when an inspection is conducted at your business and for whatever reasons, your business shows up on that local news station during “dirty dining” segment?

We can be your subject matter expert (SME) or Food Safety Professional and provide expert review and solution when the local Health Inspector writes you up.


(customize based on your needs)

We Will:

  • Review; resolve all regulatory inspections that are conducted at your business location – based on the inspection report and related documents that were given to you by your local health authority.

  • Prepare and provide written documents for your operation, and to resolve regulatory compliance when and as needed.

  • On site visit (anywhere in US) as needed*

  • Provide assistance and support for food safety plan, HACCP plans (including authoring it).

  • Provide specific support and guidance as needed. New menu item, new process, Reduced Oxygen Packaging (ROP), Sous vide, etc.

  • Up to 5/10/15** hours per year – customized per your needs.

*Travel Expenses – additional **Some services require additional time and can be customized

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