YOUR OWN FOOD SAFETY PROFESSIONAL can be your SME (subject matter expert) in many ways. Whether you find value in hiring us for a la carte solutions or utilizing our bundled services, we will create a custom solution for you and your company (restaurants, grocery stores, manufacturing facilities, etc).

Food Safety is not just a certificate you carry; it is what you practice in your operation – whether someone is watching you or not. Food service businesses that understand this priority look for ways to stay ahead of any situations by being proactive, rather than being reactive. is here to bring the principles from the classroom to life in your kitchen and processing areas. Using Active Managerial Control principles and with almost 4 decades of expertise (as Health Inspector, Health Department Program Chief, Food Safety Business Development, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Technical Services Director, Food Safety and QA Director), we will find the right solutions for your business needs. Here is how we do it.




Includes All:

We have decades of combined experience working as inspectors, inspector managers and as business owner/operator, so we can talk both sides of the table. We can help you understand what the inspector really wants and explain to them what you are trying to accomplish, and can suggest reasonable solutions to seemingly difficult issues. How many times have you seen a bad inspection report that has aired on your local news and say – this shouldn’t have been on the news? Let us help you avoid negative publicity and protect your brand.

A food safety audit is different from a typical health inspection. Our custom audit can focus on known critical violations (or Priority as it is defined in the FDA Food Code) from health inspections merged with your standard operating procedures (SOPs). We help develop an audit just for you that drives the behaviors you need and teaches managers and staff at the same time. On-site coaching can help team members understand why these procedures are important, not just the health inspector documented.

That business that just closed down and you want to add this new location for your company may look great but do you know what to look for before you sign that closing document? A walk through of the property will help you understand the hidden costs of the purchase and make smart decision. This is like that real estate home inspection that tells you what is all needed before you sign up for the mortgage payments.

We provide great value by actually teaching managers how to do a self-inspection of their own shift to be sure everything us up to code. We can handle all the training you could possibly need around food safety for all staff and management. Food Safety is all about culture and unless “teach and coach” is used, those binders and PDFs are not going to do much.

Have you always wanted to have your own company standard operating procedures (SOPs)? Your employee handbook often based on old and antiquated procedures and very likely, that it was not authored by a food safety professional. HR documents do not specialize in key food-borne illness risk factors and they do not know Active managerial Control. Let us help you set the right tone. If your local health department is asking you to submit a HACCP plan, we can prepare one for you to submit.

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